Director Profile



Huang Ya-Li is an independent filmmaker in Taiwan, and is interested in the linkage between and extension of images and sounds.In recent years, he has been involved in documentaries concerning Taiwan during these Japanese colonial period, and hopes to explore the possibility of interpreting reality in the form of documentaries through historical research and examination, and also reflect on the relationship between Taiwan, Asia, and the world. His experimental works include The Unnamed (2010), The Pursuit of what was (2008), In Light (2003),.



2010《The Unnamed》35mm short film — Director , Photographer

2010 China ” Chongqing Film & Video Festival”NETPAC Award

2010 U.S.A ” Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival” Experimental competition“Honorable Mention”

2010 Greece”International Panorama of Independent Film and Video ” - “Special Award for the POETRY of the image”

2010 France ” Festival international SIGNES DE NUIT”International Competition

2010 Croatia ”25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival ” competition program

2010 Taiwan “Experimental Media Art Festival”

2010 Greece ” Moving Frames Festival”

2010 Spain “Toma Única Festival” short film competition program

2010 South Korea ” EXiS Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul ”EX-NOW Section

2010 China ”Bejing Independent Film& Video Festival”

2011 Germany ” European Media Art Festival”

2011 Canada” Les 5 à 7 du Festival ” Programmations proposées par les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques

2011 Taiwan ”Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films”Experimental competition program

2011 Hungary ” MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival”short film competition program

2011 Hong Kong”InDPanda International Short Film Festival”

2011 Germany ”Über Lebenskunst Festival”Film Program

2011 Chile” FeSanCor Festival Chileno Internacional Del Cortometraje De Santiago”short film competition program

2011 Spain” VAD International Video and Digital Arts Festival”competition program

2011 China” Hangzhou Asian Film Festival”

2011 Russia ”No-Festival”

2012 U.S.A ”The Experiments in Cinema Festival v7.9”

2012 Portugal ”TEMPS D'IMAGES international Film Festival”

2012 United Kingdom ”Aesthetica Short Film Festival”

2012 Macao ”Video Art for All - International Video Art Festival 2012”

2013 Czech “Program Anemic Video Art Selection”

2013 Germany ”A Poetryfilm Touch - Taiwan Poesiefilmabend”


2008《The Pursuit of What Was》35mm short film — Director , Photographer

2009 U.S.A “ Athens International Film & Video Festival”

2009 Ukraine” Irpen Film Festival”-Deep Underground Section

2009 Australia” Melbourne International Film Festival”

-Best experimental Short Film and Best MIFF Short Film Competition

2009 Italy “I'VE SEEN FILMS – International short Film Festival”

2009 Greece “International Panorama of Independent Filmakers”


2007《A Tree Within》Feature Screenplay — Screenwriter

Selected by 2007 Government Information Office, Republic of China Screenplay award


2003《In lght》16mm short film — Director , Screenwriter

2005 Greece ”International Panorama of Independent Film and Video”

2004 Bazil ”Sao Paulo International festival” International Perspective

2003 Taiwan ”Taipei Golden horse film festival” Best short film competition

2003  Taiwan ”South Taiwan Film Festival” Best short film competition

2003 Croatia ”International festival of New Film SPLIT” film competition