《日曜日式散步者》獲2016台北電影獎 「最佳編劇」 和 「最佳聲音設計」

2016 Taipei Film Awards—Best Screenplay Award & Award for Sound Design





Best Screenplay:《Le Moulin》

Winners Grounds:

Using an epic timeframe, the script captures the uniqueness of the passionate Tainan intellectual Yang Chih-Chang, and Le Moulin Poetry Society, evoking the world of Taiwanese literature. Digesting a huge amount of documents and quoting from an immense archive, the script faithfully presents the life of an avant-garde poet with calm and controlled emotion. The script shows not only hard work but precise historical selection.





Award for Sound Design:《Le Moulin》

Winners Grounds:

Award for an Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Sound Design) A film that uses a mass of sound archive to recreate the state of things. The effort and concentration put into the film’s sound design is immense but more than that, the use of music and sound effects faithfully anchors both time and narrative, successfully recreating the world and its aura, that was yet to disappear, with great command of the symbolism of sound.







2016 Taiwan International Documentary Festival Award Winners Announced

Le Moulin won the Grand Prize of “Taiwan Competition”. The film is the first feature documentary by director HUANG Ya-li, using various kinds of experimental methods such as remaking and representing to reconstruct the bright yet fleeting destiny of Taiwan’s first modern art group, Le Moulin Poetry Society. Le Moulin is highly praised by the jury for its accomplishment of expanding the infinitive possibility of documentary film.


Taiwanese Competition   

Grand Prize:Le Moulin

Le Moulin is a film that accomplishes a double ambition: to provide a highly detailed account of a largely unknown moment of Taiwanese cultural history through historical and archival research and to turn these discoveries into an art form in itself. So for a film that insists on the liberating power of poetry, as well as on the space of the cinema for the experience of artistically challenging documentaries, we wish to give the award to Huang Ya-li for Le Moulin.






Huge congrats to "Le Moulin" and "The Laundryman" -- for both are selected in the Avant-Garde & Genre Competition of the 18th Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (BAFICI) , which is one of the most prestigious events for independent cinema in Latin America, having their Argentine premiers!

Screening Schedule 放映時間: 
Apr. 20 (Wed) 19:00 @ Village Recoleta Room 9
Apr. 21 (Thu) 16:00 @ Village Recoleta Room 9
Apr. 23 (Sat) 15:45 @ Village Caballito Room 8


節目策展人Fran Gayo 建議十大特殊及新奇影片





Diez rarezas y sorpresas recomendadas por el programador Fran Gayo

Por Fran Gayo

1.Le Moulin (Huang Ya-li, Taiwán)

Otro de los “anfitriones” nos regala su lista de joyitas secretas. Para apuntar y salir de los obvios hits festivaleros.

Una opera prima absolutamente genuina y de una belleza imposible, da mucha felicidad en plena era de la epidemia instagramera encontrarse con alguien que encuadra y cuida la luz de este modo. Absolutamente original, un film hecho con una alegría artesanal que te hace creer en esto de programar, y a la vez un elixir contra nuestro acomodamiento como espectadores.

《日曜日式散步者》入選第17屆全州國際影展「視界大觀: 光譜」單元

《日曜日式散步者》將於韓國首映! 全州國際電影節向來高度聚焦實驗電影,今年影展達到有史以來最大片量和最多放映場數,提供觀眾豐富多元的觀影機會。

"Le Moulin" is selected in the "World Cinemascape: Spectrum" section of the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival, having its Korean Premier! Jeonju International Film Festival features its special focus on experimental cinematic works. Stay tuned for the screening schedule and more info of the Q/A session.


Screening Schedule 放映時間:

2016. 05. 01    10:30    CGV Jeonjugosa 2     
2016. 05. 03    10:30    CGV Jeonjugosa 3  
2016. 05. 06    18:00    CGV Jeonjugosa 5   






時間:3/19 (六) 13:00

臺灣 Taiwan | 2015 | 162 min
中文字幕 Mandarin/ English Subtitles
臺灣首映 Taiwan Premiere
映後座談 After-Screening Discussion

與談人:黃亞歷 │ 黃明川   



Founded in the 1930s during the Japanese colonial period, Le Moulin Poetry Society was the earliest pioneer of literary surrealism in Taiwan at a time when realism remained the mainstream of Taiwanese literature. Drifting outside the mainstream, Le Moulin instead advocated Western modernist intellectuality and adopted an eclectic mix of avant-garde, experimental literary styles developed in the 20th century such as surrealism, imagism and cubism that commonly stress the aesthetic quality of writing. The emergence of this poetry society reflected not only how Western culture was introduced to Taiwan but also how Asian literary circles responded to the appeals of local and Western cultures throughout the twentieth century. Exhibiting distinct aesthetics from the mainstream realism in the 1930s, Le Moulin had become the heterodoxy that substantially broadened the cultural horizons of Taiwanese people. This documentary was filmed in Taiwan and Japan, carefully tracing the avant-garde trend set by Le Moulin, exploring its influence on Taiwanese poets and the significance of Western culture for Taiwanese literature. In sum, these modern writers’ chef d’oeuvre and philosophy of poetry had aesthetically represented an epoch-making landmark in their times.






時間:3/26 (六) 10:30-12:00

與談人:郭力昕 │ 林信誼 │ 曹文傑 │ 黃亞歷

《日曜日式散步者》 於2016 鹿特丹影展 放映場次公佈

Jan. 29 (Fri) 15:00 @Cinerama 6

Feb. 4 (Thu) 19:45 @Cinerama 3

Feb. 5 (Fri) 17:00 @LantarenVenster 6

*All screenings following Q/A sessions with the attendance of Director Huang Ya-Li